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About We The People NFT Public Mint

The Whitepaper that the NFT community needed is finally here. Twenty pages of stimulants, strategies, and schematics, We The People NFT resembles a Blue Chip company. This NFT project is far beyond its years, as the future of NFTs will be ultra-utility based projects like this one.
The initial release being only 2,500 of each Donkey and Elephant, and super low mint prices, the Founders have little to gain from the first release. Their head is in the United States of A-Metaverse where they will purchase $200,000 USD worth
of land in The Sandbox (they will keep acquiring land as the community grows). Owners of the FIRST RELEASE NFTs will be able to vote on how the future community will be built, governed, and funded. The creation of this community will create its own economy, where members will be able to operate businesses, and earn real crypto assets both passively and actively.
The Founders are accessible, and can be found hosting AMA’s weekly with other notable NFT projects. The Founders of We The People NFT have an extensive business background, are highly vetted, and have expertise in both macro and microeconomics. All news regarding the project can be retrieved directly from the Founders, at, or in their entertaining Discord.
We The People NFT is an airtight project. This is as “sure thing” as it gets in the NFT space. With ultra utility, unbelievable artwork, and unparalleled market stimulants, this project will be a force in the community for decades. We highly suggest you read their Whitepaper where they outline all of their plans for both present and future. Not to mention, with so many “IRL” governments getting exposed for corruption, The United States of A-Metaverse offers an alternative for those who want to live by their own rules.
Well, we’re putting this here in good faith, but we really don’t expect you to be able to get one. We The People NFT has set their PRIVATE PRE-SALE MINTING EVENT for President’s Day (02.21.22)! Their PUBLIC SALE will be held for those who have good internet connection, fast fingers, and set their alarms, as it is expected to sell out in seconds. Public sale is 2/25/22

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