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About Uldor Guardians Public Mint

Uldor is a Play-to-Earn MMORPG with a rich story and an open-world experience for players who want to have a fully custom experience.

Players can go on quests, fight epic monsters, gain rewards for completing tasks, discover rare loot, earn currency from professions, and stake character NFTs for free-to-play players to use while they earn a percentage of their rewards.

Guardian Character NFTs drop on January 20th. Minting a Guardian character NFT also grants a free mint for a Furie (female character) NFT and a Resource Plot (land where you can gather resources or stake and let other players pay to use it). 50% of all royalties from character sales go to the “loot pool” which adds incentives for questing and playing the battle royale modes.

The game is launching in 4 phases to ensure players receive regular updates and deliverables with realistic expectations. In the first phase, we launch the Campaign Mode which introduces players to the world and their characters. Phase 2 brings the multiplayer Battle Royale modes where players compete for loot. In Phase 3, the PvP mode is launched where the fighting mechanics and additional elements of the engine are utilized. Finally, Phase 4 is the open world adventure, building upon each of the preceding elements.

The team has a development background and has worked in the gaming industry, as well as contributes to other professional NFT companies. Uldor has been a passion project of our co-founders for 10 years and every element of the game has been given much thought and consideration, with special attention given to making a stable economy where players can be active participants and find opportunities to add value or make a profit by providing services or taking advantage of arbitrage opportunities.
Roadmap / current activities:

– Discord games with free Guardian NFTs as prizes

Q1 2022
– Uldor Guardian NFT release
– Uldor Furies NFT release (free mint for Guardian holders)
– Resource Plots NFT release (free mint for holding a Guardian and a Furie)
– Regular development updates

Q2 2022
– PvE (player vs environment – campaign mode)
– Dragon Royale (our take on a battle royale mode)
– Loot Adventure (another battle royale mode)

Q3 2022
– Companion pets added as a rare drop (Companions are tradeable/sellable or burned to permanently bind to your character)
– PvP mode

Q4 2022
– World of Uldor release (Open world game with NFT assets, fixed supply currency, and character staking)

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