The Meta Junkie Social Club NFT Drop

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About The Meta Junkie Social Club NFT Drop

The Meta Junkie Social Club is a collection of 9.999 unique pixelated guys stoned by the magic of the Solana Blockchain. Despite the fact they are a bit drugged (with a drug that is called SOL they say) they have faith in their power to succeed in conquering the NFT ecosystem.
The project comes with some great opportunities like:
– Monthly music NFT giveaways to holders
– Give away 1000 whitelist spots for every upcoming NFT project of this team
– A monthly giveaway of $1000 to holders
– And for the 10 exclusive legendaries there will be another $1000 give away!

This is the first ever NFT project on Solana run by two music producers who aim to build a real connection between NFT and music. In fact we will start by giving away 10 exclusive tracks in NFT format every month to selected holders from musicians all over the world. We believe that the future of music is in the blockchain and we’ll work hard to achieve this by connecting musicians and NFT enthusiasts.
Devs are 2 well known music producers in the Lo-Fi scene (both far over millions of streams), this gives us the possibility to work together with great other artists and being able to promote this till the end.
We are working hard to develop one of the most profitable ways to release music, an NFT music marketplace so artists can finally get the full royalties of their tracks without streaming services or record label between. Holders of the Junkies will receive shares from royalties based on how many NFTs they own.
We plan to build a play-to-earn arcade game hosted on the blockchain. Junkies will serve as your in-game avatar where you can level-up, customize, and breed your NFT. Also we aim to start our metaverse by creating a virtual gallery where you can see the whole collection.

Total supply: 9999 NFTs
private mint: 0.5 SOL
public mint: 0.8 SOL

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