The Centaurians

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About The Centaurians

What is our project about?
The Centaurian offers holders to invest in an innovative “play-to-earn” quiz platform. Investors will receive a multitude of benefits, including access to staking for CentLife and $CEN Tokens, greater CentuarianPOT quiz prize pools and Quiz hints. Furthermore, holders gain access to our Governance where they can vote on quiz-altering decisions which will influence their rake of the CentauriansPOT.

Staking Information
Staking Protocol will be categorized into two revisions. Staking Protocol 1.0 will be released two weeks after mint and will allow Centaurians to be staked for CentLife. Staking Protocol 2.0 will be released during 2022 Q2 alongside our Whitepaper 2.0, which will allow Centaurians to be staked for $CEN. $CEN will have its own tokenomics and liquidity pool which will be partially funded by our Sister Centaurians Collection.

What is CentLife?
CentLife is our token which can be earned through Staking and/or purchasing on our Platform’s vending machine for 0.1$SOL. CentLife can be exchanged on OTC platforms such as on Famous Fox Federation or via YAWWW. CentLife can be used before every quiz to activate a “second-life” when incorrectly answering a question on the quiz, giving you a better chance to compete for the CentuariansPOT.

Quiz Platform Information
We will collaborate with a local professional Blockchain Solutions Consultancy firm to launch our quiz platform. Initially, the quiz platform will be available to Centuarian Holders only, but will then open up to Non-Holders no more than 1 month after launch. Prize Pools (CentauriansPOT) will be initially funded with a portion of our mint revenue, but will eventually be sponsored by upcoming projects we partner with.

Quiz Format
There will be 3 quizzes hosted on a weekly basis. Each quiz will have a total of 12 questions, with varying levels of question difficulty. Every week, one of our 3 scheduled quizzes will have a larger CentaurianPOT. Our DAO governance will have will be able to vote on various aspects of our quiz, which will then shape our quizzes.

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