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About Spirited Sols NFT Drop

A collection of 666 uniquely generated Spirited Sols haunting the Solana blockchain. Each Sol is algorithmically generated from over 75 possible attributes, including hats, eyewear, facial expressions, and more. All Sols are unique, but some are rarer than others. Ten special, completely unique Spirited Sols also exist on the blockchain, all of which can be minted during the initial launch. In addition, Spirited Sols Generation 1 holders will be able to mint Spirited Sols Generation 2 and 3 NFTs for free.

Spirited Sols was created by 2 spirited souls who wanted to make their own art collection and share it with the world. Belle, the designer, and artist of the Spirited Sol NFTs. Stephen (me), the software engineer responsible for designing the site, creating the candy machine, and community.

Spirited Sols will cost 0.1 SOL to mint, and public mint will be on March 26, 9 pm EST. Spirited Sols will also have 50 whitelist spots available for users interested in purchasing our NFT early. Presale will occur on March 19, 9 pm EST, and buyers will require a special SPL token in their account to purchase the NFT. Whitelisted buyers also get a discounted price of 0.05 SOL. SPL tokens will be distributed before the presale, and buyers will have opportunities to secure a spot on the whitelist through Twitter and discord giveaways. Whitelist mints are restricted to one per account.

Spirited Sols takes multiple measures to ensure a stress-free launch for their buyers and hopes to set a precedent for all future SOL NFT drops. We are using Vercel, a server-less hosting provider that can essentially scale to infinity, QuickNode Solana RPC endpoint, and promising to stay completely communicative with our minting process with our community. We hope to provide a convenient and happy minting experience for all our buyers.

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