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About SkinFlip Turtles Drop

SkinFlip’s Initial NFT Offering

SkinFlip is building a Multichain NFT Gaming Marketplace for video game assets.
With a marketplace made specifically for video game assets, there will be countless opportunities for gamers and traders to take part in trading those assets. SkinFlip will help them by developing a marketplace for it by having lowest fees in the industry, easy-to-use platform, vetting projects to protect the users, integrating multiple blockchains, and much more.

SkinFlip Turtle NFTs are the native NFTs of the upcoming SkinFlip Gaming Marketplace. This NFT collection brings utility and benefits to holders via NFT staking mechanisms.
Each holder of the SkinFlip Turtle NFT will have its marketplace trading fee reduced, own all IP rights to the NFT, early access to the marketplace and its future products, and access to SkinFlip DAO voting. The owners of SkinFlip Turtle NFTs will also earn passive income from the SkinFlip Exchange Token (SFX) by staking their NFTs.
SFX is an SPL token and the native currency of the SkinFlip ecosystem. It is designed to be the foundation of our system, alongside our native NFT Collection SkinFlip Turtles. This means that SkinFlip will offer the marketplace for video game assets, its own NFT collection, and its own token. Similar to the SkinFlip Turtle NFTs, the SFX token will also provide utility to the holders of it.

For the opportunity to own a SkinFlip Turtle NFT, the SkinFlip team is organising an Initial NFT Offering (INO) in December 2021. Everyone will have an opportunity to mint a SkinFlip Turtle NFT, the so-called Flippy.
Amongst all the participants, a random draw will decide which participants will be able to mint their SkinFlip Turtle NFT. Those who will acquire SkinFlip Turtle NFTs can enjoy all the utility that those NFTs offer.
To learn more about SkinFlip or any of their products and projects, visit their website or join their community on Discord.
To stay in touch with all the latest updates, follow our social media channels.

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