No Limit Llamas Mint

NFT is already released

About No Limit Llamas Mint

No Limit Llamas is a collection of 10,000 unique randomly generated llamas of varying rarity chilling on the Ethereum blockchain as ERC-721 tokens, and hosted on IPFS.
Your Llamas NFTs grant you access to a lifetime share of the poker club profits in Decentraland, allowing holders to earn passive income.

We are a community-based collection of poker enthusiasts where holders are truly incentivized to contribute: future exclusive benefits to be unlocked through our roadmap..

The Mint will take place in January at a presale cost of 0.1 ETH per NFT (cf. Discord to be whitelisted).

We are backed by the Dev team of Party Ape Billionaire Club (sold out)

Once the collection is sold out, one blessed No Limit Llamas holder will scoop the 2021 Ferrari Portofino giveaway ($230 000 Value).

Ready to play some cards?


The team aims to establish an entertaining environment for every holder while innovating the NFT Poker gaming experience and membership loyalty.

The founders want to prepare for a thriving future in the crypto space by connecting poker and NFT. After the first-generation launch, the final piece of the puzzle is to create and manage a Poker Club in Decentraland (cf. roadmap).

No Limit Llamas holders will be the entry point for ideas, collaboration, and decision-making. With holders having exclusive benefits, we can confidently say that we envision a successful long haul.


00% – Free No Limit Holdem poker tournaments running each week for all our discord members, with ETH and NFTs to win.

20% – Airdrop of 20 NLL NFTs to random holders.

40% – The Llamas Series of Poker events will be hosting: 1 month, 12 online poker tournaments where only NLL holders will be eligible to participate. 10 ETH and 30 NFTs to win.

50% – The NLL Community Fund is established: $40,000 will be allocated.

70% – No Limit Llama VIP Merch Store gets unlocked; exclusive collaboration with apparel & accessory companies to produce clothing and lucky charm for holders only. 90% – A liquidity pool is created on

100% – The No Limit Llamas Poker Club in Decentraland is initiated. The team focuses on establishing the Poker Club in the Metaverse. This club will allow everyone to play poker with crypto, while only NLL holders will share lifetime royalties of a 2% rake: 50% for the NLL owners | 50% for the NLL Community Fund.
-The $230 000 Ferrari Portofino giveaway is delivered. Once all NLL NFTs are sold out, a lucky NLL holder will randomly receive the new Ferrari Portofino at home.

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