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About Nebula-1 NFT Drop

Nebula-1 NFT Project – Creating a Platform for the Metaverse to come!

Nebula, the one-of-a-kind NFT collection! Drawing inspiration from what lies above and beyond us. 10,000 pieces with 290+ traits ensuring each NFT will hold a great rarity.
We are not just looking at being a single NFT collection, but we look forward to building Nebula as a Web3 company with NFTs leading the light. Further, our roadmap favours the curation and sustainability of the world we live in, curation by giving artists a platform but also sustainability by investing over 100 ETH back into the ecosystem. We are a fully-doxxed team with a majority of our team full time in Nebula, we are not hired as moderators or creators, we all work together for the benefit of having a long-term focus. Our NebuCollect Wallet is a public wallet that uses project funds to purchase from growing artists and support their work. Our community wallet benefits with merchandise to early holders (first 2000) at no cost to them. We even have a YouTube channel that introduces our Founders and makes us even more transparent to the community.

Being based in South Africa, we understand the creator economy both locally and globally, that is why our team is geared with our NebuLabs concept to forge forward building our digital economy around the world.

There is no limit on what we can do, only the limits we place on ourselves. We believe in the vision of Web3 and how it is going to change the world we live in, we are excited and we are putting our shoulder to the wheel, in this we trust that our vision can be shared with you, our passion infectious, and our goal that we all have to accelerate this space, come to fruition.

The Story behind our artwork:

Nebula, the one of kind NFT collection drawing inspiration from what lies above and beyond us. It is space that inspires us, the endless depth, the unknown and the adventure of one day being able to traverse the universe. For now, we are locked into the metaverse, as it opens up into the world we exist in, we take every step in excitement.

Art is beautiful, intriguing and timeless, our first collection of NFTs highlight the very story of time and space we exist in, the past, the present, the future.

Minting the first collection of Nebula is not just a purchase into a digital artwork but your investment in the future of the NFT world as we know, with our roadmap looking to build the entire ecosystem and giving you as holders of our artwork first access to everything to come.

Nebula consists of a collection of 10 000 randomly generated and completely unique Pioneers. They are inspired by and represent our lust and unwavering curiosity for the unknown marvels of the Universe. With 290+ traits we have ensured that each Nebula NFT has its own unique feel, separate from the rest and increases the value of the entire collection. There are 11 different types of Pioneers each with their own rarity, unique story and functions aboard the Nebula-1 mission.

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