Metafest 2022 – Crans-Montana

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About Metafest 2022 – Crans-Montana

Metafest is a model new NFT convention. It will focus closely on music NFTs resulting from its partnership with Pianity. It will embrace demonstrations, workshops, as well as conferences; awards; auctions, in addition to after-parties. Metafest is a new pioneering summit. It will be introduced to launch the Caprices festival, blending music, as well as arts, and blockchain world through themes like NFT and metaverse. It will bring together artists, investors, technologists, crypto companies, and the public.

Metafest 2022 in Switzerland with Metaverse in the Mountains
Image Credit; 123hindinews
When and Where

Metafest NFT convention is happening in Crans-Montana, Switzerland. It will deliver collectively buyers, technologists, as well as crypto corporations and members of the general public from 6 to 10 April 2022. During Metafest 2022, artists, celebrities, and metaverse specialists will take part in conferences and workshops. Interestingly, the conference is open to each metaverse consultant and newbies. This is as a result of there might be numerous talks that can function as an introduction to the metaverse.

Metafest Registration Details

Metafest is the newest within the line of conferences specializing in NFTs, crypto, and the metaverse. In Europe alone, festivals reminiscent of Portugal’s Non-Fungible Conference and France’s NFT Paris have served as bodily areas for metaverse lovers to attach and community. One factor is positive. These conferences are undoubtedly serving as breeding grounds for the subsequent massive NFT challenge. The website will be used for registration and ticket purchases.

Location: Crans-Montana, Switzerland
Number of Attendees: 500+
Ticket Prices: TBA
Participants, Speakers, Panelists: Artists, collectors as well as tech companies, investors, and all NFT and metaverse enthusiasts.

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