Genesis Race Inhabited Inu Launch

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About Genesis Race Inhabited Inu Launch

Introducing Inuland – Newest NFT GameFi Metaverse on Ethereum!

The newest Metaverse GameFi to hit Ethereum, the team at Inuland is bringing NFTs & Gaming to the masses with their first NFT race drop named: Inhabited Inus, 10,000 unique and limited digital art collectables as NFT playable characters within the Inuland ecosystem.

What is it?

INULAND the gateway to a new world, Inhabited Inus are the metaverse avatars on the blockchain to represent yourself. Inhabited Inus live on the Ethereum blockchain, every limited NFT has been uniquely designed and generated from more than 170+ traits across 9 categories made into 10,000 remarkable NFTs.

Each Inhabited Species is 100% unique

Broad Utility and Features

Be rewarded with NFT fragments and tokens for minting buildings on cosmic land and bonuses for farming!

Inhabited Inus are stackable for staking = More Profit Share $$$
All income is paid in real time and can be claimed at any time!

Gather 2 Inhabited Species + 3800 $INUS Tokens for minting a new breed.
Newly minted little-one will have attributes from both parents!

It’s yours, doing anything you want!

What’s in store?

The team behind Inuland has their eyes set on creating a truly community ran DAO with favourable player prizes for participation and early contributing will be heavily rewarded, users who are able to get their hands on the Genesis Batch of Inhabited Inus will be able to farm with NFTs and receive daily native tokens $INUS as well as Token airdrop for NFT holders and future sub-race auto-whitelisting for early holders, now that’s a real roadmap!

Breeding Capabilities

Inhabited Species from the same cosmos can breed on two rrequirements:

a. Two Inhabited Inus of the same cosmos.
b. 3800 native tokens

The newly minted off-spring will have attributes from both the parents set randomly at 60/40% as for its mining power this will +/- of 5% either upper or lower amount of the two parents.

Play-to-earn Minigames

The inuverse will include a wide array of games from Galactic Blitz (Candy Crush style) puzzle game whereby players can compete for NFT ‘item shards’ these shards can then be crafted into items which players can use in battles as consumables and as weapons in arena games.

Daily to Weekly defence missions where players must defend their own planet from incoming waves of raiders, with players being able to select which teams of Inhabited NFTs to participate. All players share the allocated pool of resources (Tokens and NFTs Shards), such drops will differ with higher tiered missions!

Create-to-Earn Gameplay

Players will be rewarded with NFT fragments and shards from participating in minigames, these can be used to craft special items such as cosmic weapons and in-game cosmetics, all tradable in the Astro marketplace.

Crafting fragments (C2E)

Each ecosystem minigame will reward users with game-specific fragments:

Stargate Defense: Star Fragments
Galactic Blitz: Blitz Fragments
Inu-Battlefield: Battle Fragments

Once sufficient fragments have been collected, they can be exchanged and minted for NFTs that can be used for:

Cosmic Land Structures: Enables collection of resources on private land.

Farming Droids: Gives bonus to Lunar Discovery farming returns.

Celestial Eggs: Minting new Inhabited tokens.

Management comment

Zachary Lim, Founder of Inuland commented:

“The P2E/C2E model in Blockchain is still in its infancy, I see within the next few quarters they’ll be many more ingenious projects being released and it’ll just the tipping point of the overall GameFi space starting to mature”

Martin Mann, Founder and Creative Director at Inuland, commented:

“Play-to-Earn along with create-to-earn was one of the main concepts we were heavily focused on, it can be the foundation for a fully self-sustainable model where participants from the community will be able to create and monetize in the ecosystem and be sufficiently rewarded”

Inuland Token utility

Native token holders are the government that receive in game fee/tax revenues within the Inuland ecosystem. Proceeds of tax revenues are then allocated back into game and farming rewards as well as community events and DAO voting rights for new proposals.

NFT Launch

From now till general public sale, the team Inuland will be hosting multiple events on their discord / twitter and doing sneak peaks and voting on exclusive merch for the community to get excited about the upcoming drop!

Inhabited Inus holders also gain daily yield along with battling, breeding and will be eligible for our token during airdrop event.

This is just a small preview of the big plans project has to offer and the team has focused on giving true utility to Inuland’s early community members.

The project is one to keep an eye on!

Inuland Launch Plans –
Jan 1st Whitelist is open (UTC 21:00)
 Closed once Whitelist 1 & Whitelist 2 is filled
Jan 15th Presale for WL1: 0.05 ETH (UTC 21:00)
Jan 16th Presale for WL2: 0.06 ETH (UTC 21:00)
Jan 16th Public Sale: 0.1 ETH (UTC: 22:00)
UTC 21:00
Hong Kong: 05:00am
PST: 13:00
EST: 16:00
UTC 22:00
Hong Kong: 06:00am
PST: 14:00
EST: 17:00

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