Flying SolWorms Mint Launch

NFT is already released

About Flying SolWorms Mint Launch

Flying SolWorms are a generative collection of 1111 flying worms that have escaped into the Solana world!
Created by a bunch of NFT enthusiasts, the team aims to put community above anything else. Therefore this project focuses on a DAO system where holders get to have a say, especially in the progress and the use of funds.
100% of the royalties will be used for sweeping floors, rewarding holders and also to charities.

Things the team have done so far:
The Flying SolWorms team has created the socials: discords and twitter. Team has also done up, finalised the artwork and uploaded the Nfts onto Arweave. Using Candy machine V2, the team has also successfully tested and is ready for minting. Applications of secondary marketplaces have also been sent. Mint info has also been confirmed at 0.2SOL, 1111 supply and on 8 Jan2022, 1pm UTC.

Things the team is and will be doing:
Giveaways are still ongoing for both twitter and discord. Team is actively pushing for marketing and bringing new people in! More discord roles to be revealed(based on ranks) which will bring more perks. Minting will happen real soon too. More is in the roadmap in twitter/ discord where games night, charities, surprise air drops and 2nd generation NFTs are part of it.

At the moment here are the giveaway details:
1)Invitation competition
As the project is about a growing community, the team appreciates all for spreading the project to your family and friends. As such, the team love to reward those who are active in bringing new members to the FSW family.
-Top 3 inviters will receive a free FSW NFT each
-The next top 20 inviters will enter a raffle to get a free FSW NFT too! (Total 2 FSW NFTs for grabs!)

2)level up competition
Like the Flying SolWorm team mentioned, we would like our community to be as engaging as possible, of course, in the right manner. (no spams/rude behaviour) We’ve set up the tracker for the levels and you can check at levels channel in discord.

-Top 3 ranks will receive a free FSW NFT each
-The next top 20 ranks will enter a raffle to get a free FSW NFT too! (Total 2 FSW NFTs for grabs!)

3) Twitter giveaway
A follow, like, retweet and mentioning of 3 friends would raffle one into a giveaway!

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