ChiptosX Exclusive NFT Drop

NFT is already released

About ChiptosX Exclusive NFT Drop

The Chiptos team are back with their flagship collection on the Ethereum blockchain.. dare you miss out?!

ChiptosX is a unique collection of 7,680 industry grade 3D rendered robots & characters, made with computer parts. All Chiptos will be unique, but some will be rarer than others: Look out for rare traits, and possibly some Easter Eggs……….!

The NFT itself doubles as your membership to the Chiptoverse:
Your ChiptosX NFT will grant you access to Members Only Benefits and Features! Get Access to Merch Drops, our hidden Discord channels, Faction Events & Competitions, and also……prepare to enter the Metaverse as a Chipto!

Holders of ChiptosX will receive a metaverse-ready 3D Chipto (Metaverse Collection currently expected in Q4’22). Each ChiptosX held will give you a free mint on this future collection. Chiptos Metaverse Avatars will be capped at 10k supply.

Rewarding the Community:
We are constantly working on additional ways to grow the brand & reward membership. We have a strong & welcoming community – come join us on Discord & say hi!

Giving Back:
As part of our ongoing mission to support & empower underprivileged kids, we will continue to donate computer hardware to those in need. This is the Chipto way.

Investing in the Future:
We are investing in ourselves! Upon sell out of ChiptosX, a Treasury Fund will be set up, to reinvest in the project, build the brand, and fund other community initiatives. 10% of primary sales will be allocated to this fund upon sell out, with a further 20% of all secondary sales from ALL our current and future collections continuing to fund the treasury.

Our Past is our Foundation:
Chiptos were originally physical pieces of art, then digitally brought to life as the 512-piece Genesis collection; through the vision, creativity & talent of the (fully doxxed) Chiptos team.
That collection sold out in 6 seconds in August 2021……….

Join the Chiptos Community today – we are like-minded people that love art, technology, and Web3.

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