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About BLANK_ Humanity Initializer Mint

BLANK_ Humanity is connecting NFTs across Web3.

Use your existing NFTs in thousands of metaverses.

With just a JPEG, we map NFTs to their owners using our AI tools. You screenshot a Doodle or a Bored Ape, now you’re viewing it on OpenSea. You grab someone’s punk off Twitter, now you’re chatting with it.

We’re minting 969 Initializers which represent Civilizations and their digital lands. You can join a community, create a community, and shape the future of the space, all with the incentive of hundreds of ETH in our social game. These NFTs will be at the heart of the Internet of Metaverses, and will be built into our network of apps.

BLANK_ Humanity utilizes existing NFT communities by building interoperability through our AI tools. In addition to our own projects, we build utility for existing metaverses and collections, so our game will be played across all social channels. We help the entire space thrive.

We’re powered by a DAO and a community of creators constantly building interconnected utilities, in addition to our numerous partnered NFT projects. Join our ecosystem today, and remember: Right Click Save As only makes us stronger.

Jan 7th Presale: .055
Jan 8th Form: .069
Jan 9th Public: .069
Join our discord and tell us why you love Web3 to join the Form sale.

BLANK_ Humanity’s mission:
To push the boundaries of blockchain, specifically in areas where everyday people, modern-day users and consumers, directly interact with these technologies and with each other. We believe that decentralized paradigms present an opportunity for a more diverse range of people than ever before to participate in and shape a global narrative, gaining freedoms to access finances and value stores that are fundamentally protected. We believe in empowering people through technology. We believe in amplifying voices and connecting people. We believe in building for humans.

We’re focusing heavily on interoperability, and developing a technology called Blanket that allows NFT images to be mapped back to their chain identities using nothing but the images themselves. This technology is being created to work with existing assets utilizing advanced search algorithms and machine learning, though we also have plans to spearhead or collaborate on a unifying set of open standards for blockchain-bound files to make this solution more scalable and robust. We believe this is the first key to truly interoperable experiences across emerging Web3 platforms, and can just as easily be integrated into existing Web2 technologies. If our vision can be realized, we’ll be able to build something that betters the entire Web3 community. As we progress, we have plans to tackle other areas concerning interoperability, connecting experiences, and bringing together members of communities in compelling ways. Many of these will heavily employ the intersection of machine learning and blockchain (and embracing layer 2 technologies where they make sense!).

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