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VooVoo, one of the most innovative NFT marketplaces of our time, has some exciting news for art enthusiasts once again!

VooVoo announced shared ownership of traditional pieces of art through NFT sets. This presents a unique opportunity for art lovers to own an original Banksy piece or part of it as an NFT.

VooVoo is an elite NFT platform with a reputation for exclusively licensed and authenticated digital artwork collections. Banksy’s artwork entitled “Aachoo!!” will now feature on the platform, beginning 24th January 2022. This is the latest collection and echoes what the VooVoo platform represents in the NFT industry — luxury, exclusiveness, and superb experience for NFT enthusiasts.

The Aachoo!! Banksy mural was discovered in a semi-detached house in Totterdown, Bristol on 10th December 2020 by resident Dale Comley. The mural, which Banksy claimed ownership of on his official Instagram page shortly after discovery, features a woman sneezing so hard that her false teeth fall off, flying.

The Banksy Aachoo!! mural, which measures 5ft by 8ft, was lifted from the wall using a crane and professionally restored by the celebrated restorer, Federico Borgogni. The restored art has been forensically scanned, creating a full digital replica available in 4,900 pieces.

The individual pieces are unique and exclusive, giving collectors a personal and emotional connection to the original Banksy Aachoo!! Artwork. Each fraction of the artwork will go for $1,000 as an NFT, with an option of bidding for more than one piece per collector.

However, collectors cannot choose which piece of artwork to own. Instead, VooVoo shall generate random grid coordinates to allocate a specific piece of the artwork for every purchase. All the same, every piece is rare and luxurious. Owning one holds an intrinsic value that appreciates with time. Even better, collectors can still resell their pieces on the VooVoo NFT marketplace for a higher price in the future.

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