Albinos vs. Wall Street Drop

NFT is already released

About Albinos vs. Wall Street Drop

We are building a community of traders, investors. Imagine a strong community of traders who can turn over any stock or crypto price, unite under common goals, and do great things. They will learn together, as we will bring coaches, and everyone will share their experience. In addition, the members of our community will be able to sharpen their skills in the game that we are developing.
According to our vision, the community can start sharing their experience in trading with a broader audience once this is done. The project will turn into an engaging educative platform where every individual can learn from the skills of great players and start trading. The community will grow in size and bring massive utility to the world.
Stage 01: Public Drop
We strongly believe in our product. Our NFT collection has a long-term value, so we are in no doubt that the release will be successful. Thus, already at 20%, we are moving on to the next stage.
For your confidence in us, if you invest early and we don’t reach the threshold of 20%, we are giving your investments back. That’s it. Albinos are here for the purpose, not for the shit business.
Our community is all that matters. So for our community of investors, we are preparing a game. Every member with our NFT will trade either stocks or crypto. The game will have an educative and competitive character for our community that will grow solid traders and enhance community support for each other.
The game will have two rooms: Ruby and Emerald. You will trade crypto in the former if you have Albino with Ruby crystal. In the Emerald room, you will play on stocks if you have Albino with the corresponding color. The game will be divided into weekly rallies. Each week you will have one (!) opportunity to choose your favorite, no matter if it’s crypto or stocks. Then, once a week, you can fix the price at any given time during a rally, so you gain your profit a loss. The player who gets the highest profit receives the highest rating for that rally. The same rules will apply to the “Shorts” room. Again, both bullish and bearish markets are opportunities.

The owners of TWINS (the same Albinos differing in the color of their crystal) will have special bonuses in the game.

The player who has the highest ranking at the end of the first month goes to space!
We are using the funds from royalties to send people to space. So the best of the best will have an opportunity to go to space with Virgin Galactic.
So, our collection is literally skyrocketing!
Apart from that, we will have special rallies from invited sponsors. They will make competitions on our platform, and all funds will be used to establish prize funds. That will go to up to 2 bitcoins for the winner!

We intend to create a platform for interaction between Crypto Investors, Traders, and ordinary Internet users. Each NFT owner will have an open personal rating that allows receiving regular prizes from competitions and airdrops. It will enable a person to vote on the project’s development and, most importantly, the opportunity to share experience and knowledge with other community members. In addition, owning an NFT unlocks:
access to premium features,
greater participation in the distribution of community revenues from royalty payments,
new coins from our cryptocurrency,
possibly to follow experienced investors/traders for newbies,
chance to monetize their content for experienced investors/traders, and
a share of community investment income bank.

At this stage, we plan to issue the project’s coins based on an open or separate blockchain network with primary distribution between the team, NFT owners, and project investors. The project’s tokenomics will be based, on the one hand, on meeting the demand of newbie users and crypto-investors/traders for knowledge, proven analytics, and investment cases in real-time. On the other hand, the supply side is based on increasing the portfolio, additional monetization, and strengthening the personal brand for experienced traders and investors.

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