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About Aeternium Verse

Welcome to Aeternium Verse

It is Universe based on ancient Rome traditions which, by the will of fate, fell between spaces. The world according to the D&D mechanics, deprived of emotions, in which the boundaries between good and evil have been erased.

Let's get to know each other. we are a team of goal-oriented people, obviously in love with technology, and who always strive for perfection. Each of us is a big fan of games and carries hundreds of hours of gameplay.

However, it hurts to see what modern games are turning into and we plan to fix that soon. Have we intrigued you?

Our main goal is to create a revolutionary game, based on blockchain technology with branded NFTs and the most popular integrated cryptocurrencies.We want not only to create an unordinary game but also one that satisfies the interest of our players and takes the game experience to a whole new level. Certainly, It is important for us that players enjoy the game and feel attracted and interested, no matter how much time they spend in the game. So we guarantee an innovative game experience coming soon.

We are proud of the fact that the game we are developing will offer not only unique emotions but also the opportunity to earn money by doing your favorite activity-gaming. It is well-known that the crypto domain has exploded and become a trend that we want to conquer with our community. Blockchain technology gives us the exclusive opportunity to create a game in which everything the player has won develops into his real property and not just a bunch of pixels that can change and disappear for reasons beyond the control of the player. We want to create a game in which the competitive process will be of interest to both sides, and the bitterness of defeat will be perceived as experience gained on the road to great achievements. Likewise, the success of someone else will become a motivation for personal development. Keep an eye on us to catch the Aeternium Verse wave too.

For awesome start you will need Aeternium Genesis NFT cards that will give you permanent intergame bonuses as:

• Huge pack of game tokens.

• Special skill card design.

• Early access to closed Beta Test.

• Exclusive ‘Pretor’ rank

Senator position which grant you membership and voting right in Consilium for project development.

Just 10000 of Aeternium Genesis NFT cards are avaliable on Open Sea for limited time period sale, after which all the unsold cards will be burned and will never be available anymore! Hurry up!

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