Adatropolis Drop

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About Adatropolis Drop

Adatropolis the game, coming to the Cardano blockchain. Featuring our first pfp collection of 10,000 Adatrops.

As the legend goes, years ago, the Adashians came to Earth. They wanted to share in the fun that the Earth was universally known for. But something wonderful and unexpected happened when they arrived. The Earthlings and the Adashians fell in love with each other. You see, Earthlings are known as the most beautiful species in the universe.

They soon married and had children. These children are known as the Adatrops, half-human and half Adashian. They have beautiful shades of skin and are now our brothers and sisters all over the world. Some even have unique talents that ordinary humans don’t have, and they are knowledgeable and funny. The Adatrops enjoy adventure and discovering new things, but they are very protective of Adatropolis and all who live within.

The Adashians also brought new and exciting technology to Earth which the Adatrops love to use. The Adatrops Grandparents, the Adashians who came to Earth previously, had left several years ago to continue exploring the universe. But, before they left, they swore that they would return to Earth one day with universal treasures and the best galactic technology in all the universe.

When will they return? Only they know when, but, until then, the Adatrops will go about their wonderful lives of adventure and play. But on occasions, the Adatrops are forced into protecting their communities, and they do so heroically. Adatrops often imagine what it would be like to travel the universe as their grandparents are doing while awaiting their return.

Follow the Adatops and become part of this exciting adventure and learn more about Adatropolis.

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